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TOP 5 Employer Gifts for New Parents

This holiday season show your employees how much you support them during the unexpected, challenging transition from the office to working from home. We’ve gathered the top five best gifts for new parents, saving you the time in searching.

1. Ergobaby 360 All Positions Baby Carrier

Bond with baby AND keep multitasking, totally hands-free? Yes, please.

The 360֯ is simply the perfect gift for new parents with full plates… like parents who need to take a call, respond to an urgent email, and finish a white paper all while holding baby safely.

Ergobaby specializes in safe, easy babywearing, with designs that simplify parents’ day-to-day tasks, travel, getting around... work.

This 360-degree, completely ergonomic baby carrier is the gold standard in comfort, cradling baby in a natural, safe sitting position. Baby’s weight evenly distributed between the hips and shoulders, they’re safe, comfy and cozy nestled in all snugly... while your employees stay productive.

2. The Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump

Meet Elvie. The silent, lightweight, discreet pump that fits in her bra, providing a completely hands-free pumping experience, letting mom go about her day.

No wires. No tubes. Just pumping freedom. Elvie uses revolutionary technology to eliminate noise, so moms can express in peace, anytime, anywhere… even in meetings.

Taking mere seconds to assemble, Elvie only has five parts to clean, plus it’s smart. With its

easy-to-use free app, mom can monitor milk volume, track her pumping history, AND control the pump all from her phone.

Give her the liberty of not having to schedule meetings around pumping sessions.

3. New Parent Classes

Training makes people more productive. Period. Better training, better production.