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Top 5 Best Holiday Gift Items for Moms-to-Be & Nursing Moms

Top 5 Best Holiday Gift Items for Moms-to-Be & Nursing Moms (A Listicle)

  1. Elvie Curve and Elvie Catch

These brand new products by Elvie are must-haves for convenience pumping. The Elvie Curve is a wearable, silicone breast pump for simple, hands-free expression with natural suction for low-effort expression in comfort. Elvie Curve lets you gently express milk when you let-down while you're feeding or pumping on your other breast, or whenever your breasts feel full. Fitting the curve of your breast and worn in-bra, it's ideal for managing your milk supply during day-to-day life and while traveling.

Highlights of the Elvie Curve:

  • THE SIMPLEST WAY TO EXPRESS: Free of fiddly parts, Elvie Curve is easy to use - simply press the silicone pouch to create natural suction and express up to 4 oz of milk each time.

  • WEARABLE: Sitting discreetly inside your bra, Elvie Curve is wearable so that your hands are kept free and you don’t have to worry about it being knocked off when your little one is feeding.

  • COMFORTABLE: Elvie Curve fits the shape of your breast, with soft-touch silicone and a valve to control the level of suction, ensuring it’s comfortable even for milk-filled breasts and can be removed easily.

  • SAFE AND DURABLE: Elvie Curve is dishwasher safe, BPA free, and made with food-grade silicone, perfect for mother and baby.

  • LEAK PROTECTION: The slip-proof silicone skirts keep Elvie Catch secure, and you leak-free, while collecting up to 1 oz. of milk on each side. No more wasted milk in your breast pads.

Highlights of the Elvie Catch:

Stops your leaks, not your day. Because every mother should be able to leave the house without worrying about leaks, Elvie Catch includes two slip-proof breast milk collection cups designed for total comfort and confidence – even if you experience heavy leakage.

  • COMFORTABLE: Elvie Catch is designed for the natural shape of a woman’s breast and can be worn comfortably for up to three hours. The uniquely shaped silicone skirts can be rotated to find your best fit.

  • DISCREET: Elvie Catch has a smooth profile and sits inside your bra so that you can discreetly collect milk and go about your day.

  • REUSABLE: Each collection cup is easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher, ready for use day-after-day.

2. Comfortable Clothing