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Ask Sheila: Missing Pumping Sessions Because of Long Meetings

Aimee asks, "I have a couple of meetings that have begun running long so I missed my pumping sessions. Is this ok?"

A: If you get stuck in a meeting make sure to pump as soon as you are able for two reasons. One is to be comfortable and avoid a plugged duct and the second is to maintain your milk supply. Remember the supply/demand equation - the more you remove, the greater your supply. If you miss a pumping session, make up for it later in the day or once you get home with your baby. Also, make sure you keep a spare shirt and extra nursing pads at the office just in case you leak from being full.

Many working mothers have trouble pumping or expressing as much as their baby is eating during the day. Occasionally this is a problem of truly insufficient supply, but often the problem can be remedied with more efficient pumping, smart scheduling, talking things over with your childcare provider, and using your freezer stash wisely. Even if your milk supply has decreased over the weeks or months due to missing sessions or other reasons, it can always be rebuilt!

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