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A Guide to Choosing the Best Corporate Lactation Program

New federal health care regulations created to promote the support of breastfeeding in the workplace have increased the popularity and need for corporate lactation programs.

Providing corporate lactation support helps protect one of your company’s most valuable assets, the working mom. Supporting breastfeeding in the workplace keeps moms and babies healthy, reduces healthcare costs, limits missed work, reduces turnover, and increases company loyalty.

Making the decision to support corporate lactation is just one step, the next and biggest step is determining which corporate lactation program is best for you. It is imperative that you choose a program that aligns with your company’s needs, values and service standards.

Questions that should be asked when evaluating a program:

  • What corporate lactation services do you offer?

  • What is your approach to providing corporate lactation support?

  • From which viewpoint are the services developed?

  • What is your company known for, and how is it different from other lactation support options?

  • How many years have these services been offered?

  • What type of technical support do you provide, and is it managed by you or a 3rd party?

  • How are you providing support and services now that companies have a larger percentage of people working from home?

These questions are just a subset of things you need to know when choosing a corporate lactation partner. Any company that you are considering should be clear on their value proposition, have Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants on staff, and be able to provide the desired and necessary level of support to ensure your working mother is fully supported.

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