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Tips for a Tidy Mother's Room

A clean and organized mother's room welcomes new mothers back to work and maintains a comfortable space for mothers currently using the room. Learn how to keep your mother's room clean and tidy with our top 5 tips.

1. Wipeable surfaces are a must! Make sure the mother's room chair and nearby items are wipeable so mothers and your janitorial staff can easily clean stray milk stains. We recommend purchasing a leather or faux leather mother's room chair. This will not only keep your room cleaner, but it will look nicer without stains!

2. Designate the mother's room fridge for breastmilk storage only, this is important in communal fridges where multiple moms are storing milk.

3. Make sure attachment kits are not stored in the mother's room fridge. Mothers pump several times during the workday and it can be a lot of work to wash the kit each time. Some mothers store the kit unwashed in the fridge, although this does not prevent bacteria growth and can be dangerous. If you notice this, please refer mothers to the CDC guidelines on "How to Keep Your Breast Pump Kit Clean." Be sure to offer plenty of cleaning supplies so mothers have the right items to quickly clean their kits during the day.

4. Provide wall hooks and cubbies so mothers are able to store their personal items in a designated location. Provide stickers for mothers to write their name on or color code their items. This keeps each attachment kit separate in an easy to access place. Wall hooks help keep the floor clutter free and free of tripping hazards.

5. Every 3-6 months check-in with the mothers to see if they need any supplies and to remind them to remove their items personal items including their attachment kit if they are no longer using the room. Sometimes mothers stop pumping and may forget to remove their personal items from the room. Clearing out attachment kits and personal items stored in the room helps make room for new mothers returning to work! Checking in with mothers may reveal improvements you can make to the space and keeps the mother's room on your radar.

Tidy Mothers Room

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