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The Value of Family-Friendly Company Events

Corporate family-friendly events that invite an employee’s family, benefits a company in many ways. These events help boost the company’s image, show gratitude to employees, and encourage participation and deepens employees’ connections with each other. While there may be more cost and planning for throwing family events, companies come out ahead in employee retention and increased company morale. Learn how your company can benefit!

Show Employees Your Gratitude and Appreciation Companies increase pay, add benefits, and give promotions to retain employees. However, company events that include family gives coworkers and managers the opportunity to build stronger relationships with each other and deepens their desire to build their career with the company as opposed to just a job for a paycheck. By meeting members of their employees’ families, managers can understand and appreciate their employees as people. Employees will also feel valued which helps retention rates and productivity.

Create a Family-Friendly Brand Companies that hold events which include families can foster a more positive image within the community. It’s not just the employees, but the spouses and their children who will remember how they enjoyed themselves. Word of mouth through spouses and kids spread the word in the community of how well a company values its employees. Small but thoughtful details such as providing a private place for breastfeeding mothers, engaging activities for children, and fun events for employees will go a long way in demonstrating the company’s commitment to employee well-being. The impression you leave on their families fosters an endearing corporate brand. Many attendees at these events, including children, may remember their experience affectionately years after the event.

Make Employee Connections and Boost Teamwork By including families, businesses also make it easier for employees to attend. Many employees often skip employee-only company events because of family responsibilities. An employee may not be able to attend because there is no one who can look after the baby at home, pick up children from school, or drive kids to activities. Finding a relative or a sitter to look after the children may be difficult and expensive. Plus employees want to preserve their time with the family, so they may skip that company event because they have already spent most of their days with their co-workers. Good employee attendance at company events also facilitates cross-functional engagement and promotes teamwork across organizations, especially in a large company. Employees that have friends within the company are more likely to have higher job satisfaction and lower attrition rates. Co-workers who have personal connections with each other tend to work better as a team.

At Healthy Horizons we have an Annual Family Day out doors when the weather is nice. Since the majority of our employees are working mothers this gives the staff an opportunity to attend a fund corporate event and bring the whole family!

While event costs may go up by inviting families due to food, activities, and services, the benefit a company receives outweighs the expense. Your employees have a positive company morale because they feel that the business values and appreciates them. It also promotes a family friendly image. Be sure to plan activities and support services for your employees’ spouses and children at your next corporate event!

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