Tongue Tie Resources and Doctors

Tongue Tie Doctors

Some doctors have years of expereince with releaseing tongue ties. Most of them take referrals from IBCLC's


Dr. Anna Messner, Respiratory Specialties, ENT

Dr. Midori Nishimura, Family Medicine & Lactation

Dr. Kali Zivitz, Peninsula Pediatrics

Dr. Helena Yip, Mills Peninsula Hospital

Dr. Dan Hartman, Dr. Tom Engel, Dr. Barlett, Dr. Aditi Mandpe

Dr. Kasra Rastani

Dr. Romeo Agbayani

PAMF Palo Alto

PAMF Menlo Clinic

Kaiser Redwood City - Head and Neck Department

Dr. Anna Meyer

Dr. Garry Crummer

Dr. Robert Wesman, Pediatric ENT

Dr. Simms

Palo Alto Medical Clinic - Melinda Moir

Dr. William McLean - Kaiser San Jose

Samji Hussein - Camio ENT

Dr. M. Lauren Lalakea

Dr. Shervin Yazdi (DDS)

Dr. Dale Amanda Tylor

Dr. Melinda Moir

Dr. Brad Hinrichs

Dr. Phillip Bartlett

Dr. Mai Thy Truong (ENT) - Kaiser, Santa Clara

Dr. Kristina W. Rosbe, MD, FAAP, FACS and Dr. Anna K. Meyer, MD, FAAP

Dr. Randy Q. Ligh (DDS), San Jose

Tongue Tie Resources

Dr. Lawrence Kotlow DDS- pediatric dentist

Dr. Kotlow - post revision care

Dr. Kotlow's PowerPoint presentation

Catherine Watson Genna, IBCLC

Mothers overcoming breastfeeding issues stretching info in files section

Dr. Brian Palmer, DDS

Dr. Randy Q. Ligh, DSS

Ameda- not USLCA endorsed

Fact sheet from American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Dentists who use laser (preferred method of frenotomy)