Sage is widely known for its helpful benefits with both nursing mothers (to help dry up breastmilk production) as well as women experiencing menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes.


Lactation: Sage is one of the most effective herbs for drying up breastmilk, which is helpful during weaning or for correcting over-production. Breastmilk over-production can lead to the following:

  • engorgement (engorgement on day 3 postpartum when the milk comes in is typical and normal. This usually normalizes within a day or two, but if it persists or poses difficulty with breastfeeding, or leads to the following issues, Sage use may be appropriate.)
  • plugged ducts
  • mastitis


Menopause: Sage is one of the most effective herbs for helping alleviate hot flashes in menopausal or peri-menopausal women and can be used as the need arises. When used in conjunction with Vitex, it can eliminate hot flashes and night sweats altogether in most women.


Note: Not for use by those who are pregnant. Always discuss herbs with your doctor prior to use. Use as directed.

Sage Non-Alcohol Tincture 2oz