The essentials to help you practice safe breastfeeding and pumping hygiene. Plus an anti-imflanatory facemask for mom to unwind after a long day!


  • Medela Quick Clean Spray (Replaces Cavicide pictured)

  • Box of Nitrile Gloves 

  • Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bags 5 Count 
  • Lavender Hand Sanitizer 2oz

  • Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads 60 Ct

  • grab green Baby Bottle and Dish Soap 

  • Stainless Steel Bottle Brush (Includes a backup brush head) 

  • Olive Green or Floral Cloth Facemask (Not medical grade)

  • 24 Karat Rose Gold Hydrating and Anti-Inflammatory Facial Mask (Relax with a little pampering!)

COVID-19 Breastfeeding Survival Kit

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