Milk Fat and

Breastpump Testing

Milk Fat and Calorie Testing of Human Milk (Creamatocrit)


This is recommended for anyone who has concerns about the calorie or fat content of their milk!

  • 4 milk samples that you have collected over a 24 hour period are tested and analyzed 

  • Results are sent to you to discuss with your Healthcare Provider or Lactation Consultant

  • Results are typically ready in 24 to 48 hours

Call 1-650-347-6455 or email for instructions on collection procedures

 Cost: $125


Personal Breastpump Testing and Cleaning


To ensure that our customers who are planning on using used pumps are doing so in a safe and beneficial manner, we offer a convenient service of cleaning and testing personal use pumps.


Come into the store and drop off your pump and we will call you when it is finished. We will test the suction levels of the pump, check the condition of the motor, and clean it with a hospital-grade cleaner to ensure that there are no contamination issues. We will call you with the results and let you know whether or not we recommend using this pump. We are unable to perform repairs to the pumps, however if we find any problems, we will do our best to troubleshoot them. We carry replacement parts for personal use pumps, and we can demonstrate how to set up and use the breastpump as well.


No appointment is necessary

Cost: $45


Do you have a used breastpump?

Or a pump from your earlier child that you want to use again?


It can be difficult to know what the best course of action may be when you have a used breastpump, escpecially with usage and safety guidelines. Most pump companies recommend not sharing personal use pumps, as they are designed to be for single person use. This is due to contamination and mechanical concerns with previously used breastpumps. We do not encourage going against these recommendations, however we realize that due to the expenses and other factors surrounding breastpumps, there are many people that are using (or planning to use) previously used breastpumps.