Breastfeeding Consultations

We are here  to support you by providing expert breastfeeding guidance and boost your confidence

Lactation Consultations are a wonderful way to get your breastfeeding journey off to the best start!

In-Person and Virtual Visits

Updated July 2020


Our Breastfeeding Consultations are with trained healthcare professionals who are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants® (IBCLC®). They are professionals who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding, and are experts in the fields of human lactation and breastfeeding counseling. They will guide you with non-judgement and compassion through the lactation challenges faced by both new and experienced parents. We have helped over 100,000 happy families and look forward to supporting you! Some of the areas we specialize in include:​​

Low milk supply

Breast engorgement and mastitis 

Clogged or plugged milk ducts

Poor breastfeeding latch

Mouth problems and tongue ties

Flat or inverted nipples

Sore, burning, or cracked nipples

Nipple confusion

Twins and multiples

  Breastfeeding while sick

Inducing lactation of an adoptive parent

LGBTQIAP+ breastfeeding and chestfeeding


Supplemental nursing system (SNS)

Creating breastfeeding plans

Working and breastfeeding


Supplementing and breastfeeding

Working and breastfeeding

And many others​!

We offer office visits in Burlingame, California, home visits in the San Francisco Bay Area, and virtual visits.  Consultants will wear full PPE during in-person visits. Virtual appointments are done over a HIPAA compliant platform or over the phone, depending on your preference. Appointment can be booked here. We have Lactation Consultants who are fluent in Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese. 


Consults are 1 hour, but they can be extended at a prorated rate depending on your needs and questions. For longer visits, please call 650-347-6455 and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. If you book a twins lactation consultation, this is a two hour consult to leave plenty of time to address both babies. We offer Back to Work Consults that cover returning to work and breastfeeding, and Online Infant Nutrition Consultations with a Registered Dietician (RD).


Breastfeeding Consultations at Your Home

Home Lactation Consultations brings a consultant to meet you in the comfort of your home. All of the wonderful service and assistance that is provided in our office is brought to the visit, including a baby scale to get the pre and post weight of your baby and observing a nursing session. The consultant will answer questions or concerns you have and will provide techniques and tips to improve your nursing.


To get a quote for an out of area home consult, please call 650-347-6455. Additional time is prorated.

$300 for a 1 hour visit in San Bruno, Millbrae, Foster City, Burlingame, San Mateo, Belmont, San Carlos, Redwood City, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Mountain View, or East of Foothill Expy in Los Altos.

$350 for a 1 hour visit in Pacifica, Moss Beach, El Granada, Miramar, or Half Moon Bay.

Breastfeeding Consultations at Our Centers

Visits at our Breastfeeding Centers allow you meet one on one with a consultant in Burlingame or Menlo Park, California. After your visit, you have easy access to the center's complimentary services and any breastfeeding accessories you need. 


We encourage our customers to use the complimentary 2 hour private parking behind the Burlingame Center on Chapin Avenue or the 3 hour public lot in Menlo Park.

$200 for a 1 Hour Visit

Additional Time Prorated

Online or Phone Breastfeeding COnsultations 

Online and phone consults are available for any appointment type and allow you the convenience of receiving expert breastfeeding help from any location. These are done over a video call which uses a HIPAA compliant version of Google Hangout Meet or over the phone, depending on your preference.

$185 for a 1 Hour Visit

Additional Time Prorated

Follow-Up Consultations

Online and phone consults are available for any appointment type and allow you the convenience of receiving expert breastfeeding help from any location. These are done over a video call which uses a HIPAA compliant platform or over the phone, depending on your preference.

$185 for a 1 Hour Visit

Additional Time Prorated

Back to Work Breastfeeding Consultations

Back to Work Consultations guide you in creating create a plan for nursing and pumping at work specifically tailored to you, your baby, and your job.


The consultant will provide you with information and questions for your baby's caregiver, important pumping and milk storage information, as well as guidance on how to balance pumping, nursing, and storage with your workplace and your time considerations.


Healthy Horizons advises employers and maintains workplace mother's rooms across the United States and is the expert on workplace pumping.


$200 for a 1 Hour Visit

Additional Time Prorated

In addition to our Back to Work Consult, we have a wonderful Back to Work Class for our working mothers once a month.

Online Infant Nutrition Private Class and Consultation

This private online one hour package with a Registered Dietitian includes a 40 minute private class to prepare you for introducing solids to your baby's diet (while supporting your breastfeeding goals) and a 20 minute consultation to answer your specific questions. 


The Dietician guides you in using effective feeding techniques, and building a foundation of balanced nutrition habits that last a lifetime. The instructor is trained to work with dietary restrictions and special situations.


After the visit Sample Menu Plans with Meal planning cheat-sheet, and a Quick-Start Guide to feeding your baby (pamphlet/booklet) are provided.

$185 for a 1 Hour Visit

Additional Time Prorated


Meet Your Team OF Expert Lactation and Nutrition Consultants

Maggie Kler.jpg


Lactation Consultant, SF Bay Area and Virtual

Maggie is an experienced breastfeeding working mom of two children and is an International board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Maggie received her Bachelor's in Management from the University of Cincinnati and completed The University of San Diego Certified Lactation Educator program before becoming an IBCLC. She is a current board member of The Bay Area Lactation Associates. 

In addition to supporting families one-on-one around the San Francisco Bay Area, Maggie leads the Healthy Horizons Menlo Park Breastfeeding Support group. She supports our corporate clients in empowering their breastfeeding mothers at work, both on-site and at off-site work events. Maggie is currently breastfeeding her daughter Cora.

Elaine Tan IBCLC.jpg


Lactation Consultant, SF Bay Area and Virtual

Fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese

Elaine has 9 years of experience as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and is experienced in helping moms combine the world of working and breastfeeding. She has practiced as a hospital Lactation Consultant, along with doing consults in office and in homes. She also has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry working at Gap Inc. At Gap Inc she was a working mom who breastfed. She has two children whom she breastfed for over two years each. She enjoys helping moms and babies overcome breastfeeding issues and helping moms meet their personal breastfeeding goals. Elaine is multilingual and is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Jessica Hale, RN, MS, IBCLC.jpg


Lactation Consultant, SF Bay Area and Virtual

Jessica has been a nurse for 14 years. Her background is in neonatal intensive care nursing, and maternal, newborn, and pediatric nursing education. She earned her IBCLC certification in 2015, and has worked as a lactation consultant in both the inpatient and outpatient setting at Healthy Horizons and UC San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital. She has her Masters from Sonoma State University and her Bachelors from Washington State University, both in Nursing. She has one daughter, which she breastfed.  

Sheila Janakos_edited.jpg


Lactation Consultant, SF Bay Area and Virtual

Sheila has 30 years of experience in providing breastfeeding guidance and education. She has her Masters of Public Health in Public Health Education from San Jose State University and a Bachelors of Science in Community Health Education from San Francisco State University. She is an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Certified Lactation Educator.


Sheila is dedicated to supporting mothers at home and in their careers. She is passionate about helping all the families she works with in creating health and wellness on all levels. Her belief is that if we can get babies off to the right start, by bonding with parents instantly after birth and having the opportunity to breastfeed, we can create a healthier and safer world for our little ones to grow up in. Sheila is the CEO and Founder of Healthy Horizons, and breastfed three children while working.



Lactation Consultant, SF Bay Area and Virtual

Fluent in Spanish

Susan is a Lactation Consultant with experience working in hospitals and in the healthcare industry. She earned her MPH focused in Maternal Child Health from San Diego State University-California State University and her RN from Muhlenberg Hospital School of Nursing. She has worked at UC San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital, O’Connor Hospital in San Jose, and Rady Children’s Hospital in Southern California. Susan speaks Spanish and has worked in Public Health programs such as WIC.  She has skill with premature and late preterm twins, as well as healthy term newborns. She has two college age children whom she breastfed.

Janine Stanford, RD.PNG


Registered Dietician, Virtual

Janine is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and is a child nutrition expert who helps caregivers nourish healthy kids. She guides parents in using effective feeding techniques, and building a foundation of balanced nutrition habits that last a lifetime.


She guides caregivers and health professionals in the healthy introduction of solids to infants. She has instructed family doctors and other dietitians in infant nutrition and feeding for the last 7 years so they can help more parents like you in many settings including hospitals, outpatient clinics, and private practice. Through her nutrition booklets, classes, menu plans, and consultations, she helps families like yours excel at raising healthy children that become healthy adults. She's a mom of two, and understands on a personal level the joys and challenges of feeding kids.

Amy R.

A wonderful experience, Elaine was so helpful and insightful. Personal attention and I got all my questions answered!

Christina B.

I gained confidence after my session in breastfeeding and have been doing well ever since. I recommend Elaine's service to anyone with issues like I had.

Tracy R.

My consult with Maggie was so informative & helpful! As a first time mommy whose milk is slow to come in, Maggie gave me so many resources, suggestions, tips, I am so grateful!! Maggie went the extra mile for this sleep deprived mama and I can’t thank her enough!! My mom & I were both so impressed with her knowledge, expertise, compassion and patience. Thank you Maggie & Healthy Horizons!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Rana O.

Sheila was the 5th Lactation Consultant I've seen and she had new ideas and a concrete plan that helped my baby right away. It's such a relief to finally have some help and to know we're on the right road.

Jaimey W.

I came in so discouraged and afraid I wasn’t going to be able to breastfeed successfully. Sheila was fantastic, set a calm tone and through a few small adjustments, was able to help me get back on track. She also celebrated my successes which made my husband and I feel so supported. This session was worth every penny.

Gina K.

Maggie was so incredibly kind and informative when coming to my house to help teach me about breastfeeding and my breast pump. This session was essential to my success with feeding my daughter and giving me immense peace of mind as a first time parent. The day before I had called Healthy Horizons because my doctor was discussing a need to supplement with formula while my milk came in. My time with Healthy Horizons is what saved me. Healthy Horizons is a wonderful company with staff who truly care about you and your baby. Thank you so much!! I’m incredibly grateful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Happens at a Breastfeeding Consultation?

During this visit, the consultant may take the weight of the baby and will observe a nursing session. They will answer any questions or concerns you have and will provide techniques and tips to help address any breastfeeding problems the mother or baby is experiencing. Back to Work Consults are available for mothers returning to work. All visits are 1 hour, except for twins visits which are 2 hours. Additional time is prorated at the hourly rate.

How do I Prepare for a Breastfeeding Consultation?

Do you offer Lactation Consultations in Mandarin, Cantonese, or Spanish? 

Yes. Elaine Tan is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. Susan McLaughlin is fluent in Spanish. Please visit the booking site to book your visit with them. Let them know ahead of time about your language preference.


How can I see an IBCLC during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, you can book an in-person or online appointment. Virtual appointments are conducted over our HIPAA compliant video system or over the phone. The other option is an in-person visit in Burlingame or at your home. Lactation Consultants will wear full PPE during your visit, you must also wear a mask. Currently for in-person visits, only your lactation consultant, the lactating parent and your baby may be present for everyone's safety.

Do you offer chestfeeding support?

Yes, we have worked with transgender and non-binary parents to help them reach their lactation goals. We are also experienced in induced lactation. We are happy to support you!


Please see our insurance page for reimbursement and coverage tips.



How can I use my insurance to help cover a consult?

If the baby is a newborn please limit the amount you feed the baby to 1/2 a normal feeding amount if your appointment is within 1 hour so the baby is more willing to feed during the visit.


If you are supplementing with breastmilk or formula please bring extra milk with you if you have a non-latching baby.


If your baby is a newborn and experiencing weight loss or slow weight gain please bring a record of the number of breastfeedings, bottle feedings, and supplement amounts along with the number of soiled and wet diapers. 

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